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Tight Ship delivers event graphic design services for small local events, huge national conferences, and anything in between. Work with us to keep your event visually engaging, consistent, and memorable.

Simplify your planning.

When you hire Tight Ship for your event graphic design services, you’re getting a wealth of brand design experience, because we’ve planned events ourselves and know what you’re up against. We make it easy to share assets and request revisions, so you can do your job and count on our results.

Control your costs.

Rein in your event branding budget by working with designers experienced in event production. We know you depend on reliable vendors, so we work fast and our estimates are tailored to your timelines.

Solve your problems.

Tight Ship’s co-captains are Julia Sevin and Keir DuBois. We’ve been designing for decadesWe’ve managed our local design associations. We both think big but we love to sweat the details. We know what we like, but we’re not here to make art—we’re here to work.

Stay informed.

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