Tight Ship Design is a creative partnership that keeps projects sailing smoothly from start to finish. We offer complete collateral design services for events and conferences: branding, print, digital, and environmental. Our team delivers compelling visual identity across multiple media to help ensure event attendees anticipate a fun experience before going, enjoy a great time during, and share their memorable stories after each event.

Officers On Deck

Your co-captains on this vessel are designers Julia Sevin and Keir DuBois. We both think big but we love to sweat the details. We know what we like, but we’re not design snobs and we’re not here to make art—we’re here to solve problems. We’re both leaders and we love to work with leaders—and we have, from the U.S. State Department to the local nonprofit down the street. We share a fanaticism for design and efficiency and are passionate about how that can make or break events, causes, society, and the wider world.

Julia Sevin

Julia is a suspenders-wearing, restless polymath and plain-dealing, practical idealist. She helps businesses grow through striking branding and compelling collateral. She has served as the president of AIGA New Orleans and boasts the top prizes from Adobe’s Creative Jam and Shutterstock’s Pixels of Fury competitions.

Keir DuBois

Keir is a designer by trade and a writer by training. He helps businesses keep a stylish, organized identity and clear, consistent message. Keir writes creative copy and wrangles design projects for print and pixel—mostly publication design, event collateral, illustrated maps, or music artwork. He is a past president of AIGA Santa Barbara.

Why Events?

Why do events need well-designed identity anyway? Our experience producing events and attending conferences has taught us that they really are a voyage—with critical moments of truth before, during, and after. Engaging event identity helps stoke interest and boost attendance as the event approaches. Consistent event identity helps attendees get where they need to be while the event happens. Memorable event identity cements great experiences that help turn attendees into advocates. Working with a single creative firm for all your event collateral keeps engagement, consistency and memorability ship-shape for the entire cruise.

Our friendship itself is rooted in events. We met at the annual AIGA Leadership Retreat in 2013 and have been collaborating on event materials ever since—from the New Orleans Print History Tour at the 2015 AIGA Design Conference to “Convert Like Crazy” for AIGA Santa Barbara in 2016. 

Shipbuilding 2013-2016

Only Events?

Certainly not! We excel at designing printed publications (books, magazines, annual reports). Both of us have created logos and identity. Julia is an accomplished illustrator. Keir loves creating album artwork and will draw maps at the drop of a hat. When you’ve been a professional designer for 10-15 years—and a president of your local design association to boot—you get to develop a wide range of work and meet others who do the same. If we can’t take your project, we can point you to someone who can. We’ll connect you with printers, photographers, web developers, videographers, copywriters, hand-lettering artists, or any other creative professional you might need.

Tight Ship 2017-2018

Experience and Empathy

When you hire Tight Ship Design for your event design identity, you’re getting a wealth of experience from both of us—not least because we’ve been in your shoes and we know what you’re up against. Overwhelmed event planner? We feel you; we’ve done the same for countless events big and small as presidents of our local AIGA chapters. Running a nonprofit on a shoestring budget? Us too! Our AIGA chapters face similar odds, and we’ve collaborated with many nonprofit executives and communications officers on massive (and even life-saving!) projects. Ask us about all of it—we love to tell stories and we’d love to help you tell yours.

Tight Ship 2018-2019