Are you daunted by the prospect of managing Instagram stories? Maybe seeking inspiration for your event brand as the new year approaches? Getting back to basics can help, and it’s important! Instagram reports that its users under 25 spend 32 average minutes a day and users over 25 spend 24 average minutes a day on the platform, and stories have become an essential part of that overall experience. You can use Instagram stories to appeal to your audience, keep your brand fresh and engaging, and give your event or business an authenticity boost. Here are some creative ways to do just that:

Start with your brand voice.

What do you want your business to sound like? What will attract your leads and clients? Craft a voice to go with your brand imagery and audience.

Announce new business developments.

Moving in or out of a location? Hit a milestone or did a super special project? Let your audience know. They’re following you because they are rooting for you!

Announce new posts: share posts from your Instagram feed to your story.

This is a relatively new thing. Instagram changed us over to the algorithm-based feed and a lot of business and brand accounts saw their engagement drop. To combat that and put your posts directly in front of folks, share it on your story after you post it. The post will remain and the story will disappear in 24 hours.

Share affiliate posts.

Share posts from your friends, partners, and clients (unless personal in nature). Celebrate the success of your clients and partners.

Don’t discount the warm and fuzzies.

Invite Instagram into behind the scenes of the business or your life as a business owner/employee.

  • Celebrate employee goals, anniversaries, and successes
  • Share inspiration about what is motivating you to succeed. Possibly create and share mood boards every season.
  • Share your surroundings.
    • People love to relate or aspire – share your workspace, your view from your desk, or what you’re thinking about.
    • Share what you are doing during your off time.
    • Going to be out of town? Let folks know or let them know who they can get in touch with. Share updates of what you’re doing while on vacation, especially if it relates to your business.

Be proud of your passion projects.

Grab new and interesting perspectives by sharing a little outside of the box – what other things you do in your free time that you are also passionate about. How can these things crossover? Can you knit your favorite event invite? Explore of the possibilities.

Be authentic.

  • Don’t celebrate every holiday; only take time to mention or contribute about holidays that mean a lot to you or to your audience. Remember that authenticity is about connection, not small talk.
  • Be witty, but don’t go beyond the breadth of your brand voice.
  • Share both your wins and your failures when appropriate. Sometimes a failure can be too fresh or too embarrassing to talk about right away and sometimes its too public NOT to talk about. Decide what is right for you and share with your audience with a bit of contrition.

Participate in social trends.

  • Grab a trendy or public social media tag to participate in regularly, like #TBT (Throwback Thursday); grab older photos of yourself or your business and share.
  • Ask questions – on the fence about a color in a project? Not sure about a font choice? Crowd source it for social points. You don’t HAVE to go with the crowd favorite if it’s not your favorite, but do make sure you share the outcome of the poll with everyone afterward.

Being Creative on Instagram

At the end of the day, the trick to any social channel is to be social! If that doesn’t come naturally to you, work in time weekly to plan and schedule what you want to say and time to interact with others.

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