Event pros, need some quick fixes to take your branding collateral to the next level? Get our “Extras for Event Pros” free download! During our time at sea, your co-captains have cooked up a bounty of helpful hacks and freebies for forward-thinking event planners. We’ve shared them before, one at a time, but this month we’re offering them all—zipped together in a big fat 80 MB bundle of awesome—for the low price of one email address!

Need a sample similar to what’s on offer? Check this out:

Print Production Glossary for Event Planners

Like any sustainable professional relationship, working with a print vendor requires clear and respectful communication. Familiarity with these concepts and production terms will help you, your designer, and your vendor communicate clearly throughout every project. Use our print production glossary to build your own background knowledge, shop for the best bid and walk into your next press check with confidence! Search for a term or browse alphabetically at the Print Production Glossary here.

Read on for details of what’s in the bundle:


Map Design Essentials: Rules and Tools for Event Professionals

Event map design is important, but you don’t need a cartography degree to prevent a cartastrophe. You need a conscientiously-crafted map so attendees can get where they need to be—confidently, punctually, and safely. Find out how to put our 8 event map design principles into action! This guide covers what you need to know about basic map design: how to use event maps to improve your attendees’ experience, plus our favorite tools and best practices anyone can use to create, customize or commission beautiful and informative event maps. Happy mapping!

PR Pack: The Essential Parts of a Press Release

How many different types of professionals need a press release at some point? Probably most everyone! Press releases shouldn’t be created from scratch. This is a great resource to stash away for the future, when you might need to write one to get sponsorship, launch a product, or announce a new event. Ready to impress? Get our free PR template (in MS Word) and companion infographic!

Tight Ship Valentines for Event Pros

Tight Ship has a confession to make to the event community. We like you. We, like… like you like you. So we decided to do something special to prove our affection: six original greeting cards, designed JUST for you #eventprofs to give to one another. Show your love to your favorite coworker, boss, or event crush. Want to share one of these sweets with your valentine? Get ’em all as printable PDFs and hand-deliver it!

Tight Ship’s Private Portfolio

We’ve always been proud of our online portfolio, but some of our work is so hot it would burn a hole in the ship’s hull, so we stash it in a vault deep within the hold. Usually it’s password-protected, but as part of this bundle you can get it by simply entering your email address below!

Tight Ship’s Nonprofit Portfolio

We’re incurable do-gooders who are all 👏 about 👏 nonprofits 🙌. Share our specially-curated nonprofit design portfolio with your favorite nonprofit, and let’s work together!