Some designs aren’t meant to be two-dimensional. Snatch it off the screen, pull it off the page, and engage it with the environment! Design for wayfinding is critical at indoor and outdoor events alike. Whether physically fabricated or digitally displayed, an event brand must communicate its message to a wide audience as easily as possible, and often at a distance. Tight Ship creates designs for directional signage, sponsorship banners, exhibit displays, trade show booths, vehicle wraps, billboards, and tents. Check out some of our environmental work below:


Whether for social promotion, wayfinding, presentations, or almost any other aspect, events are on-screen—and an event brand’s first touchpoint will almost always be digital. Tight Ship designs web graphics, registration site styling, email styling, Snapchat filters, digital billboards, social media assets (including Canva) and presentations (PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, or PDF) including motion graphics. Check out some of our versatile, attention-grabbing digital event graphic design below: