Slide deck created for presentation by Lianna Patch of  Punchline Conversion Copywriting and SNAP Copy at the 2017 Unbounce Call To Action Conference in Vancouver. Lianna specializes in humor-based conversion copy for landing pages, emails, and ads—so all imagery had to effectively complement her razor-sharp wit and weakness for puns. The neon-tinted, joke-packed “Show Dogs & Dead Horses: How to Edit Your (Own) Copy To Effectiveness” appeared behind Lianna on stage at a massive scale, earning praise from conference attendees and organizers alike.


Branding & digital: 74-slide presentation deck.


“After working with Tight Ship on my deck for Call to Action Conference 2017, there is no possible way that I would ever try to create my own decks again.

Why? Because Tight Ship manages to reach inside my brain, grab my biggest and best dreams, and smash them onto slides for me. And then they add a hefty dose of their own visual genius, helping me get my points across with lots of crowd laughs and nary a bullet point in sight.

So yeah, I’ll stick to speaking, and hope that Tight Ship isn’t booked up next time I need them…”

Lianna Patch
Conversion Copywriter, Punchline Conversion Copywriting
Copy Director, SNAP Copy

Punchline Conversion Copywriting Presentation Deck

Slide deck created for presentation at the 2017 Unbounce Call To Action Conference in Vancouver.

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