Every step of our project management process is designed to make it easy and simple to work with us.

Step 1: Discovery

This is the only part we can’t tailor: You’ll have to contact us. One (or both!) of the Tight Ship co-captains will reply and schedule an introductory call with you to learn about your organization and goals, and determine if we’re the right team to help you achieve those goals.

If so, we’ll craft a custom, itemized proposal for meeting your strategic objectives, including everything from immediate deliverables to further collateral customizations based on your needs. Our main goal is to make it extremely easy for you to say “yes” with confidence.

Step 2: Development

We burn our tongues on hot pizza. Why? Because we’re the type of people who like to start before the ink is dry. As soon as you sign our custom proposal, we’ll start collecting your assets and creative notes, shaping our creative process to your project.

Our research phase is powered by decades of industry know-how: strategic creativity, design thinking, and best practices. We’ll do a deep dive into your organization’s history, character, objectives, and demographics. If necessary, we’ll even conduct our own customer research and interviews.

Step 3: Delivery

We’ll create a brand identity that reflects your organization’s promise and values, communicating the right message to the right audience. We get there by iteration, presenting complete deliverables for review and refinement, with each step showing how the work aligns with your project goals.

We’ll deliver your proofs as freshly-packaged PDFs (eco-friendly e-shipping!) with the occasional photo-realistic collateral mockup (for any physical items) as a preview of the finished product. We’ll ask for specific feedback and recommend the simplest way for you to request revisions.

Whenever possible, we’ll work with collaborative tools like Google’s G-Suite for maximum transparency and usability. Our deliverables will be in common file formats, clearly labeled, and well-organized—ready for your team to deploy across all communications channels.

Work with a Design Team that Communicates

When your event is on a timeline, your designers should be, too. Maybe you’ve worked with great designers before, but they burned through deadlines and didn’t keep in touch. Quel horreur! Here’s how we de-stress the design process so you never have to worry:

  • We’re always accessible. Contact us at any time in the process. We add your number to our phones, we’ll answer your calls, and we’ll reply to emails—so you’ll never have to chase us down.
  • We’re accessible to your vendors, too. We’ll work directly with them to produce your print items flawlessly.
  • We set milestones according to your timetable. You’ll know what to expect as our work progresses, so you can confidently schedule anything else without fretting over this project.

Launch Your Project: Request a Quote!

Need a lifeboat? Describe your project to get a quote, or ask for our exclusive portfolio! If you didn't see your project type on our web portfolio, we still may be able to help you.