Tips and tricks for event professionals from around the web, compiled by your co-captains: a grab-bag of event production wisdom! Read on for our picks from the past four months.

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Thinking, Theft, and Protection

  • The New Sales Imperative. This great Harvard Business Review piece clearly and concisely describes a totally different method of thinking to guide large organizational sales/marketing strategy, and it’s backed with data and supplemented with usable steps. Let us know if it blows you away like it did to us. Do you know of companies using this “prescriptive” approach?
  • Conference organizers: Steal these ideas! “Produce attendee-focused events” may be axiomatic wisdom to all of us who do that day in and day out, but it’s worth translating that idea from other disciplines to fully appreciate it. Healthcare industry pro Susannah Fox offers her thoughts: medical conferences must seek the patient perspective, directly from patients! Read her take here.
  • Beyond the Logo: 5 Experts on protecting your event brand. Simply creating a great event brand isn’t enough. It must be guarded and maintained as both an aesthetic and a promise. Eventbrite asked event pros from San Francisco businesses for their insights, and they said know your brand, train your staff, choose the right partners, and leave room to improvise under pressure. Check out the full post here.

And finally, here’s some scuttlebutt of our own!

  • Top Design Tips for Your Event Page. Well-designed event pages are critical tools for raising awareness and driving sales. Eventbrite UK asked Keir to share his top event page design tips, and since savvy American rock stars know that breaking in Britain is the best way to break big, of course he said yes. Keir surveyed tactics for designing event website identity, messaging, color, typography, and imagery. Have a look on Eventbrite.

Swag, Emails, and Meetings (Oh My)

And finally, co-captain Julia’s new favorite spin on an old tool: Dust and Scratches in Photoshop. It’s a sweet, easy effect to rescue poor quality images, but it’s also great for creating an artsy paint filter or rendering Rothko-like abstracts and pearlescent gradients!