Attendees both local and national recently descended on Los Angeles’ California Market Center for Bizbash Live, the one-day education and inspiration conference for event professionals. Tight Ship sailed down the coast from our Ventura HQ to find the most compelling, eye-catching, and well-produced trade show booth design—and holy wow did we ever spy some great work. Here are some of our favorite trade show booth environmental designs from Bizbash Live that event pros should see.

A Toast to the Most: Champagne Creative Group

Anonymous hands offering toasts from behind velvet curtains, a literal mirrorball man posing in front of retro-space age backdrops, and a carnation-headed model who can nevertheless notice your every move? Yep, Las Vegas-based Champagne Creative pulled out all the stops with multiple, complementary trade show booths.

The seductive displays, conceived by Champagne Creative Director Rolando Espinoza, were dominated by three to four colors (white/red/pink and blue/green/silver) and one to two unique textures (the above-mentioned velvet and mirrors). Passing attendees couldn’t resist the proffered liquid courage and selfie opportunities with the friendly-yet-slightly-uncanny characters.

Champagne’s range covers custom entertainment and production for retail spaces, product launches, from corporate events, award shows and more. They absolutely bring the wow factor with unique characters and cutting-edge production techniques. Other booths offered stiff competition, but Champagne’s stiff refreshments and stylish sensibility made their installations stand out.

Bowled Over: Nomad Artz

A veritable city in itself, Nomad Artz wrangles performers of all kinds (musicians, contortionists, acrobats, caricaturists, jugglers, and more) for a wide variety of special events and theme parties. It would have been impossible to cram their complete roster of 1000+ entertainment acts into a conventional trade show booth space, so to their credit they didn’t attempt that. They simply used the given space and then went beyond it.

Nomad President/CFO Leila Marcus and CEO Gabriel Penix brought in a giant fishbowl, filled it with blue-green balloons, and dropped in one of their mermaid characters to swish her scaly tail at Bizbash attendees. They didn’t limit themselves to that space, though—several sophisticated stilt walkers and costumed contortionists roamed the trade show floor, and often made their way to the lobby for frequent full displays of what they could do.

Helium Heaven: Balloonzilla

This Orange County-based company also spread their stylish specialties beyond a basic booth configuration, but that booth was both lots of fun and nothing to sneeze at. Balloonzilla’s crew (led by CEO Marla Borokoff) chilled out at a long table in front of hundreds of silver heart and circle balloons. A canopy of colorful stars topped helped define the booth’s remaining boundaries, but other than some shiny balloon letters, that was it. Even so, the entire thing took a day and a half to inflate and another day to install.

Downstairs, Balloonzilla once again festooned the lobby with their custom-made helium handiwork. Having gone all-out in 2017, they reverted to an unpretentious, yet still wildly awesome wall of more than 1500 balloons. The shimmering slab of green, white and magenta tipped its hat to the event’s color palette, and was a worthy backdrop for Bizbash’s own marquee letters. It was certainly a fun first impression for everyone entering the event.

Holy Guacamole: The Copper Key

The Copper Key booth was a glorious avocado bar. We could simply say that and consider everything sorted, but that wouldn’t do justice to the exclusive caterer at L.A.’s historic art-deco MacArthur building. A full-service event planning and production outfit, the Copper Key’s menu mixes world-class, modern classic cuisine with innovative cocktails.

Sales and Marketing Director Jessica Mills happily handed out all the fixings over a custom-built table. Behind her, the booth was full of casual yet classy décor designed by Blueprint Studios, the official Bizbash Live design firm that also built several installations throughout the trade show floor.

Easy Bein’ Green: Creative Plant Rentals

If you’ve been to a trade show, even in a well-ventilated modern facility like the CMC, you know that the frantic bustle and press of humanity can feel a bit stuffy. Thankfully, Creative Plant Rentals (CPR) provided a literal breath of fresh air for anyone to relax in.

Their booth was tastefully overgrown with green product: colorful flowers, blooming plants, and verdant hedge walls took up nearly the entire large corner booth space. CPR also moved beyond the booth, bringing the venue to life by installing greenery in the CMC hallways and dining/networking areas.

Owner Michael Sommer showed the relaxed confidence of an veteran pro with decades of high profile event experience (the Academy Awards, 1984 Summer Olympics, Super Bowl pregame party, and Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary Celebration). He simply sat back among his lush surroundings and showed everyone how to get it done.

Get the LED Out: G and C Event Productions

This Azusa-based company wasn’t messing around: they knew all they had to do was wheel in a massive, dazzlingly blue LED screen (via partners Show Imaging), turn it on, and let it run. G and C designs, plans, and produces over 50 annual events, many of which flashed by on the big screen at regular intervals. Show Imaging’s tech was state of the art: the 6000-pixel wide display at a crazy-sharp resolution (only 2.6 millimeters between each pixel) was so hypnotizing that we became transfixed and succumbed to the barrage of light for longer than we care to admit!

Perpendicular Kicks: borrowed BLU

There was no missing the statement piece from this Culver City-based luxury tabletop company: a vertical tabletop spread fused to the booth’s main back wall. The sheer audacity of so many seemingly-fragile pieces defying gravity at 90 degrees was enough to turn the head of each passer-by.

Owner/Designer Cassandra Stearns created a mini-showroom within the booth space, miraculously filling it with her product (dinnerware, flatware, textiles, candlesticks, and more) without making anything feel cramped. Events Manager Catie Roberts calls the provocative stash “traditional tables with a twist,” and she isn’t wrong; the collection of modern and vintage items was both disruptive and delightful.

You’d think that creative combination would be ideal for weddings—and you’d be right!—but borrowed BLU also supplies corporate and social events of many stripes. Their additional locations on the East Coast (Hartford and New York City) help give them a nationwide reach.

These were only seven of the many, many trade show booth designs and event brands on display at Bizbash Live (Live screen printing! Rage-breaking glass! Edible selfies!), so it was difficult to do a truly comprehensive best-of in the time we had. The booth designs on this list resonated most for Tight Ship based on our own planning and production backgrounds.

When you hire us to work with your event identity, you’re getting a wealth of experience from both of us—not least because we’ve been in your shoes and we know what you’re up against. Get in touch with us to have a look at our own trade show booth designs!